Location - Palazzo Chigi Zondadari



With its numerous activities Palazzo Chigi Zondadari desires to honor its history and the hosting city’s, since time immemorial cradle of art, culture, events and traditions of unique and inimitable charm.

The Palazzo is found in the heart of Siena, facing the splendid Piazza del Campo. Getting to Palazzo Chigi Zondadari walking along the main roads of the city means traveling in reverse through history reaching medieval times, times when Siena shone in Europe.

Siena has always been a city of art, culture and traditions; its symbolic places being a glaring example, such as the Duomo, Palazzo Pubblico, or the Sienese painting school which bloomed between 1200 and 1300 producing absolute masterpieces thanks to the mastery of artists the likes of Duccio of Boninsegna, Simone Martini or Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Culture has found in Siena University a landmark for the training of generations of young artists starting 1240, whilst Piazza del Campo has been welcoming the incredible Palio performance for centuries, one of the most fascinating and exciting events in the world.

Through centuries of history the Palazzo has been a testament to the growth of this artistic, cultural heritage, and today aspires to be its protagonist more than ever, a building located in the center of the city, in turn becoming center of impetus and cultural experiences conceived to make Siena even more beautiful and precious.


A structure shouldering three centuries of history reclaiming its role as a protagonist of the city’s social life, able to form connections and meaningful experiences, between the past, the immediate, and the future.

Location - Palazzo Chigi Zondadari